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SuperSOLO Select

Want to Select Which Sites to Send a SuperSOLO to then below you will find this Option Available.

You MUST Select a MININUM of 5 Sites!

Just Click on the Sites below that you want a SuperSOLO to be Delivered to and once you have
made your Selections, then Click on the Payment Button and you will then be able to make your
Purchase by either PayPal or AlertPay. Once you have completed your Transaction, you will be
able to Enter your SuperSOLO Select, which will be delivered to ONLY the Sites you have Selected.

Sites Members Price Selection
Clix Text Ads 548 Members $1.95
Powerline Text Ads 1,136 Members $1.95
Traffic-Alley 945 Members $1.95
Traffic Dynamite 1,529 Members $1.95
Traffic-Storm 3,273 Members $1.95
Traffic Speedway 5,807 Members $1.95
Text Ad Magic 2,213 Members $1.95
Traffic Zoom 4,731 Members $1.95
Treasure Chest Traffic 4,194 Members $1.95
Top Secret Traffic 3,849 Members $1.95
Viral Text Adz 3,685 Members $1.95
Text 2 Clix 4,006 Members $1.95
Solo Ads Xpress 3,393 Members $1.95
EZ Clix 3,650 Members $1.95
The Mail Bag Safelist 14,466 Members $1.95
The Traffic Secret 7,195 Members  $1.95
Dynamite-Safelist 5,810 Members  $1.95
Traffic Pro List 7,119 Members  $1.95
AdJockeys 4,995 Members  $1.95
AdPirate 4,859 Members  $1.95
Speedway Safelist 3,324 Members  $1.95
Ultimate-Safelist 2,849 Members  $1.95
Express Safelist 66 Members  $1.95
Explosive Safelist 2,722 Members  $1.95
AdClicker Ads 1,298 Members  $1.95
Turbo Profit List 2,884 Members  $1.95
Explosive Profit List 1,215 Members  $1.95

Total Sites Selected: 0 Total Price: $0.00

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